How To Paint a Christmas Tree With a Sprayer in 6 Steps

The festive period is quickly approaching and the countdown has officially begun. Deciding what color scheme to go with, what tinsel to use and what baubles will take pride of place may all seem like a worry for tomorrow, but as you get older, you realize that three months can go as quickly as three days.

How To Paint a Christmas Tree With a Sprayer

I don’t know about you, but putting the Christmas tree up and decorating it was somewhat ceremonial in my household, and a lot of consideration was taken in decorating our festive focal point. So, those thinking caps need to be firmly placed upon your head sooner rather than later.

However, one aspect that a lot of people seem to overlook is the color of your Christmas tree. I agree that the green Christmas tree will always be a firm festive favorite, but there are other options.

Options that will not limit your creativity to colored lights and tinsel. What if I told you that painting your Christmas tree is a viable option? An option that will take your festive decorations to a whole new level and make your Christmas tree the hub of your very own personal Merry Christmas.

In six easy steps, you will be able to transform your dated, traditional Christmas tree to a modern display of Christmas art. This simple guide on how to spray paint your Christmas tree will help you take Christmas to the next level, and be the envy of all your friends and family.

The first thing you need to decide is what equipment you are going to use for this project. The easiest and least time-consuming option would be to go for a spray painter. The options for spray painters on the market are endless and a lot of it comes down to personal preference.

Some are designed to be lightweight and allow you to maneuver easily to reach the hard to get areas. Others, such as the HVLP options are more powerful and allow you to cover much larger surface areas with ease but have got the price tag to match.

If you already have a spray paint gun or have plans to do more spray painting projects, then that would definitely be the option to go with as it will save you a valuable amount of time and effort.

However, spray cans can also be used, for a fraction of the cost. If this is a one-time project, or if you are unsure if you have caught the spray painting bug, it is a good and economical starting point.

One thing to note though is that it will take a lot of spray paint cans to create a good coverage of the tree, and it can be quite time-consuming as it will only cover a concentrated area at a time.

Regardless of which piece of equipment you decide to use to undergo this project, the colors available on the market are endless and will allow you to go wild with creativity.

How to Paint a Christmas Tree With a Sprayer

1. Choose the Perfect Christmas Tree

How To Paint A Christmas Tree With A Paint Sprayer

The first thing to note when picking your Christmas tree is that spray painting it will only work effectively with fake trees. The paint will adhere more to branches and needles more and prevent blotchy coverage.

The next thing to take into consideration is where you are going to place your tree and thus the size of the tree.

You don’t want to go to all the effort of buying your paint and preparing the area to find that the tree doesn’t fit or takes up too much of your living space.

It may sound like an obvious step however a lot of projects don’t get off the ground due to poor planning.

2. Select the Color Combination

As mentioned previously, the colors available on the market are endless. This allows you to take full control on how your tree will look.

You could decide to do a block cover; black and purple trees look especially good. Or, for the more adventurous, you could decide to use a multitude of colors to reflect your home and family.

3. Choose the Paint Sprayer

After choosing your tree, you will know whether you need a larger HVLP sprayer or a smaller gun to create the desired coverage.

The larger the tree or coverage area will require the larger gun. Smaller trees or more intricate detail will require you to have a gun that will allow you a lot of freedom of movement.

This is another reason why choosing the right tree is so instrumental to this project. Without the right consideration, you could end up wasting a lot of money on the wrong equipment.

4. Proper Instruction and Guidance

If you have never used a spray paint gun before, it can be quite a daunting task. Make sure that you read the manual fully as every piece of equipment is different and make sure that you are fully comfortable using the machine before you start.

Testing out the machine and different colors on a piece of cardboard is an excellent way to get used to the machine.

5. Painting Process

Now to the fun part. Make sure your machine is prepped with the paint and you are comfortable using it. Make sure you are in a well-ventilated area and you have covered anything you don’t want accidental overspray on.

If possible, spray your tree outside as this will not only help with the drying process but stop any paint related accidents in the home.

You can either paint your tree as a whole or, if you are doing several colors, dismantle your tree and paint it section by section. Both ways will work fine and it is mainly down to personal preference.

Make sure that you let your tree fully dry between coats and before you rebuild your tree or display it; this will prevent any unwanted finger marks or transfer onto your walls or furniture.

6. Add Some Decoration

No Christmas tree is complete without decoration. Now is the time to go wild with lights, tinsel, and baubles. The decoration is very personal, so decorate it any way you see fit. The more personal the better.

It really is that simple! By this point, you will have a Christmas tree that truly represents you as a person and a creation that will take your Christmas to a whole new level.

Who would have thought that learning how to spray paint a Christmas tree would have transformed your Christmas decorating for years to come?


There you have it. Brighten up your xmas tree this year with the a freshly painted, awesome looking tree. 

Follow the steps above to get the best painting results by using a sprayer to do the job.

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