Titan Paint Sprayer Reviews: 4 Best Models Compared

Product Name:Titan Impact 440 Airless Skid Sprayer 805-000 / 805-015
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When you start searching for a new paint sprayer, you will inevitably come across the Titan Brand. They’ve become a leader in the paint sprayer industry and worth taking some time to look into.

I’ve reviewed four of the Titan paint sprayers to help you find the best unit to complete your projects.

The Titan brand has been a leader in the paint sprayer business for many years. They’ve been a leader in innovation and customers across the world trust this brand.

Their innovation in the market began in 1974 with the first tip that provided a variable fan pattern and atomizing orifice.

Probably the biggest step that Titan took was in 1986 when they introduced the 440.

It was the first, highly portable paint sprayer that cost under $1,000. Even now, it continues to be one of the most popular contractor sprayers in the industry. 

In just the past several years, they’ve once again been the first company to release the newest sprayer technology.

This included centrifugal clutch technology, variable pressure control, two fan patterns in a single tip and direct siphoning from a paint can.

Titan Paint Sprayers Compared




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Titan 0516011 XT250 Airless Paint...

Titan 0516011

1/2 hp

Home DIY


Titan 0516013 XT330 Airless Paint...

Titan 0516013

3/4 hp

Larger DIY Projects


Titan Impact 440 Airless Skid Sprayer...

Titan Impact
440 Airless

7/8 hp



Titan ControlMax 1700 Pro 580006 w/ Cart...

1700 Pro

3/5 hp

Large Outdoor Areas


Quality Features of the Titan Brand

All four of the Titan brand paint sprayers I am reviewing have several things in common. First, they are all airless sprayers.

This simply means that they work by pumping the paint at a high pressure (normally up to 3,000 PSI) through the hose.

The tip of the spray gun will break up the paint evenly and create a fan-shaped pattern made up of tiny droplets.

Each of the Titan brand paint sprayers also strives to reduce overspray. With many paint sprayers, you end up with an excess of paint that blows beyond the area you are looking spray.

When you are dealing with overspray issues, you have more preparation time to ensure that other nearby items don’t get accidentally painted.

In addition, you lose money because you are wasting products. Each of these models features a sturdy stand. While they all have differing weights, you can feel confident that they will stand securely during your paint projects.

painting a roof with a titan sprayer

4 Best Titan Paint Sprayers Reviewed

It is clear now that buying a Titan paint sprayer is a great choice for your painting needs, but what is the best model for you? Read the reviews of 4 popular Titan paint sprayers to see what which will work best for your projects.

1. Titan 0516011 XT250 Airless Sprayer

This Titan airless sprayer is one of the lower cost models available on the market. It is lightweight at just 23.3-pounds and has a rugged stand mount with carrying handle.

You can use this to pull materials directly from a 1 or 5-gallon paint container. This unit features a ½-horsepower motor and a ¼ x 25-foot airless spray hose with abrasion resistant polyurethane cover.

Ideally, this airless sprayer would be used for the occasional home project or by a property manager that wants to save money on the rental properties. This wouldn’t be a good purchase for someone that paints often on a commercial level.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • XT250 stand for stability
  • ½-horsepower motor
  • Low cost
  • Only comes with a 25-foot hose
  • Despite being on the market for several years, it doesn’t have many reviews

2. Titan 0516013 XT330 Airless Sprayer

This sprayer is quite heavier than the previous at 51.2 pounds but it also features a sturdy stand and wheels for portability. It comes with a ¼” x 25-foot hose but you can easily add on another 25-foot for longer reach.

This unit is meant for more demanding jobs and heavier use. With its powerful ¾-horsepower motor, it can easily push out materials at up to 3000 PSI. You’ll receive a top flow rate of 0.33 gallons per minute helping you to complete those jobs quickly.

The LX60 is a professional grade paint gun that also features an integrated filter and swivel. You can use this with a tip of up to 0.019” for versatility to perform a variety of tasks.

  • Has wheels for portability
  • Made by Wagner
  • Durable
  • Heavy
  • Doesn’t have as many reviews as other models

3. Titan Impact 440 Airless Skid Sprayer

This sprayer features a LX-80II spray gun, TR1 tip, and a 50-foot hose. It is designed to spray up to 100 gallons of paint per week and weighs 49 pounds.

The AutoOiler lubricates the packing with just a push of a button and it also features electronic pressure control plus rapid clean. This is ideal to be used in a residential setting, for small commercial applications or for regular maintenance work.

  • Features a 50-foot hose
  • Can spray up to 100 gallons of paint per week
  • AutoOiler lubricates the packing easily
  • Electronic pressure control
  • Rapid clean
  • Heavy
  • Expensive

4. Titan ControlMax 1700 PRO High Efficiency Airless Paint Sprayer

This is the newest model of the Titan Control Max series and is a leap forward in quality. It features the new High-Efficiency Airless technology (HEA) and decreases overspray up to 55% more than that of other airless sprayers.

The durable pump can last up to 3 times longer than competitive sprayers on the market. It also offers an easy to replace fluid section to maximize the life of the sprayer.

With the Sureflo Pusher Valve, you are ensured priming every time. The 0.60-horsepower motor will pump up to 1500 PSI and 0.33-gallons per minute. It features a 2-year warranty and can accommodate a hose up to 100 feet long.

Titan tries to go above and beyond with customer service. This is a big plus as spraying can be difficult and problems can arise. Knowing they have the expertise to guide you through any issues means you can be confident to get any job completed.

  • Comes with a two-year warranty.
  • 55% less overspray.
  • Power to spray unthinned coatings
  • Lasts up to 3x longer than comparable airless sprayers
  • Spray force can be uneven

Types of Paint To Use with Titan Sprayers

Using a paint sprayer can reduce your time spent painting, but you’ll want to be sure that you are using the proper materials in your sprayer.

The Titan brand models that I am reviewing can be used to handle stains, lacquers, enamels and many latex paints.

You can use most low to medium viscosity coatings through these airless sprayers. Some materials may require you to thin slightly before using them in your sprayer.

Always be sure to read the directions on the model sprayer you choose to see what is recommended.

Titan airless paint sprayers are ideal for serious do-it-yourselfers, property managers, handymen and even contractors due to a number of jobs that can be completed with each model.

Which Titan Airless Paint Sprayer Will You Choose?

While there are plenty of options available in Titan airless sprayers, you will find one that meets your needs the best.

Take into consideration what you will be using the sprayer for and how often you will need it. All that you have to do now is to get painting and enjoy the extra time you will have left over.

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