How to Use an Airless Paint Sprayer: Step by Step Guide

To get the best painting result, you must have proper knowledge about how to use an airless paint sprayer. That’s the reason is going to show you the procedure for using the airless paint sprayer to reap the desired result out of it.

How to use an Airless Paint Sprayer

Using airless sprayer gun is the quickest way to finish any painting job. To learn the way of using this is very easy. But still, you need practice and knowledge to get the best result from it. We are going to demonstrate how the airless sprayer works, best painting techniques and the ways to avoid mistakes.

Spraying Tip For Using Airless Sprayer

How to use an airless paint sprayer


Before using any equipment whether it is a spray painter or anything else you must follow proper safety precautions. Keep in mind about the possible threats. You must have adequate information about the potential hazards as you are trying to learn how to use an airless paint sprayer. To ensure your safety wear a protective outfit, safety glasses and hand gloves. You should use an approved respirator during spraying. Make sure that the area is well-ventilated. Keep the trigger locked when you are not spraying the paint. Don’t put your hand in front of sprayer’s tip except it’s off and not pressurized. If you cut your skin with the spray, consult the doctor instantly. All the sprayers come with a manual that will provide you helpful instructions regarding your safety.

 Safety Glass

Setup Procedure

The sprayer setup entirely depends on the sprayer model you choose. The basic steps you should follow – first attach the spray gun and hose, flush and prime your sprayer and then install the tip and guard of the airless sprayer.

Setup Procedure

Prepare the surface to paint

Before starting the spraying process, you have to prepare the surface that needs to be painted. It is the most crucial part of a painting job. I would suggest TSP to clean your interior walls, and then let it dry. When the surface is completely dried, repair it if there is any hole or cracks left. Don’t forget to sand the harsh areas. It is very common that the surroundings will be affected by the overspray. So try to cover the furniture and floors with cloth or brown paper before starting to spray. It is pre-requisite to learn how to use an airless paint sprayer.

Using Instructions

All airless sprayers come with a screen at its intake point. You need to make sure that it is neat and clean. They also have a filter on the side the pump that is removable and one more in the gun’s handle. You have to ensure that they are clean enough before starting painting. Don’t forget to hold the spray gun with a firm and convenient grip. To trigger the spray gun use your index and middle finger. Hold the gun in your one hand the hose on the other. If you need a more flexible hose, you can use a small “whip- hose” in between the end of the supply hose and gun. Before starting painting with the sprayer, prime the pump. When you have finished priming the pump, then you are all set to fill the sprayer’s hose with the paint. Before inserting the tip and installing the tip guard assembly, lock the trigger and then relax the pressure.

The pressure relief steps include turning off the power switch, turn the spray valve to the prime, aim the sprayer gun against the side of the waste pail, afterward pull the trigger to release the pressure. Subsequently, engage the lock of the trigger. You need to fix the right amount of pressure because more or less pressure will produce an uneven spray pattern. Use the right size of tip to get the best finish- not bigger or smaller. Try to reduce the amount of paint overspray to save your money and the paint.

 Spraying Tips

Spraying Tips

The spray techniques will differ depending on the sprayer type, but the standard spraying techniques are-

    • Plan the spraying sequencing before commencing to paint.
    • Before moving the trigger to the workplace, clutch it when the gun is off to the side
    • Remember to move the gun parallel to the painting surface.
    • Keep the spray gun 12” away from the surface to paint.
    • The spray gun should always stand perpendicular to the surface.
    • Apply several thin coats as they produce a better finish than a single thick coat.
    • Use a continuous movement to get the best result.
    • Overlap the pattern of the spray 50% to get a smooth coating.

How to use Graco paint sprayer

Practice before spraying

For practice, you have to select a particular area. You just need to make sure that this field has no problem spraying water. After using water, you should follow the startup procedures given in sprayer’s manual. You should engage trigger gun protection and connect the spray tip when the unit and gun are primed with water. After that, you can use your selected particular area for spraying technique.

Preparing the surface

One of the most important parts of paint spraying is to make the surface. For washing interior walls you should use TSP (Tri-Sodium Phosphate). To clean the exterior surfaces, you can use a pressure washer and a cleaning solution. You have to allow drying both interior and exterior walls. Then you should repair the rough areas.

Spraying pressure selection

There is a pressure control knob. To get a standard pattern, you can use this button to set the spraying pressure. The pattern will be regular when the pressure is set appropriately. You should start your task with a relaxed setting and trigger. You’re prepared to spray if you get the spray pattern distinct. You can increase the setting of pressure lightly and the test again. You should stop this process when you get the desired pattern.


How to use Graco paint sprayer


Maintaining recommended distance from surface

You should point the gun perpendicular to the particular surface you want to spray and hold just about 12 inches away from the surface. You should keep it moving in a horizontal motion. Your hand must be in motion when you are spraying. Otherwise, the uneven finish can occur. You should maintain an even coating. You .can keep a constant distance of 2 inches away from the wall and move the sprayer consistently. Thus, you will be able to get a better finishing.

Achieving perfect overlap

Every time you should overlap the prior strokes for getting accurate projection. You should spray on the edges of the surfaces at the first. Then you might go for the middle and likely complete your painting when spraying on broad and open surfaces.

How to use Graco paint sprayer


Following the above instructions, you will surely be profited. If you want to know more about the instructions or if you need anything regarding the using method of Graco paint sprayer, you can visit our How to use  Graco paint sprayer section of our site. For sure, it will be helpful for you. Once you understand how to use a Graco sprayer then you can choose the best sprayer from Graco,”GRACO  MAGNUM X5“.

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When you decide to do the painting by using the airless sprayer, it is indispensable that you learn every aspect about how to use an airless paint sprayer. Without proper information, if you attempt to accomplish your painting need, you will face a lot of trouble. In this article, I have tried to enrich you with the necessary information you would need. I am hopeful it will help you immensely to paint with the machine smoothly and achieve your desired result.

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