How To Remove Spray Paint from Skin: The Quick & Natural Way

If you have ever used spray paint, you will have been faced with the challenge of trying to remove spray paint from your skin. Some spray paint may contain harmful, toxic solvents that can irritate or burn your skin or even prompt an allergic reaction.

The chemicals in the paint may pose an even bigger danger to children.

remove spray paint off skin

Using professional spray-painting equipment such as spray-guns will reduce the hassle and the mess because they are more precise.

In addition, wearing gloves will protect your hands. Goggles will protect your eyes, and coveralls will protect your body. But, accidents can happen and there is always a chance of spray paint settling on your skin.

Of course, specially formulated paint removers are commercially available, but they too can contain toxic chemicals that may be harmful to your skin, especially if your skin is sensitive.

But we have found a quick way of removing paint from your skin, using chemical-free products that you’ll find around the house.

What You Need when Removing Paint

  • A plastic bowl.
  • Hot water. Note: Be careful, the water shouldn’t be boiling hot. Let it cool down, before using it. The amount of water depends on how much of your skin, you need to clean.
  • Soap
  • An old toothbrush
  • Tissue paper
  • A towel

After gathering the ingredients, you are ready to begin.

5 Steps To Removing Spray Paint from the skin

  • 1
    Test the water on your skin. Note: If it is too hot, let it cool down first.
  • 2
    If the paint is still wet, rub soap the soap gently into the painted area. The paint should start loosening. If the paint is dry, you might have to rub a little harder.
  • 3
    Wet the toothbrush thoroughly in the warm water.
  • 4
    Use the toothbrush to brush the paint spots, gently at first. The soap should have loosened some of the paint already. The toothbrush should remove most of the paint easily. Note: It is recommended that you don’t try to get rid of the paint all in one go.
  • 5
    Blot your skin dry with the tissue paper.


You will have to repeat the process between three and six times to remove all the paint. After you’re finished, you can dry off with the towel.

You can also remove paint from skin using lotions and other specially made, commercially available liquid products.

However, the process explained above uses mainly chemical-free products that are safe and suitable for sensitive skin. We hope it works for you and your skin can now be paint free!

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