11 Best Paint Sprayer Parts: All Brands & Products Reviewed

Now that you have a new paint sprayer, it is time to check out the best paint sprayer accessories on the market. Many of these products are going to make your life easier and help you get the job done faster.

Sometimes you just need a longer hose to go with your sprayer. There are options available for you! What about those times when you don’t feel like taping off an entire area to spray? They make shelters just for that purpose!

Now, you can just set up a shelter and start spraying your pieces without the worry of additional prep work. Want to see some more options? Let’s take a look at the best paint sprayer accessories available now.

1. Graco 243104 Pump Armor

Part of the line of Graco paint sprayer accessories is this Pump Armor. Ideally, this formula should be used anytime that the paint sprayer is going to be stored for more than 30 days.

It will protect your sprayer’s pump and keep it freeze proof up to -30° F. In addition to that, it is simple to use. Just clean the sprayer, fill the pump with the fluid and leave it alone until you are ready to use again.

By using this spray, you are guaranteed that your sprayer will startup with the next use. Use this with any Graco airless paint sprayer.

2. ABN Strainer Cone Funnel with Filter Top 40-Pack

When you want to keep the paint clean and from clogging in your sprayer, grab these disposable funnels. They are also effective against unwanted dust, solids, particles and other impurities that can mess up your painting project.

The filters can be used with any paint sprayer and are effective when dealing with paints, stains, resins, and varnishes. Other than paint spraying, they can also be used for straining automotive antifreeze, oil or loose teas.

This set of funnels is more durable than the typical all-paper strainers. Before straining your paint, be sure that it has been properly thinned. This will make the process a little easier.

3. Graco 235486 180 Degree Easy Turn Directional Angle Head Spray Nozzle

If you are looking for some more Graco paint sprayer parts, you need to check out this nozzle. It attaches to your unit for spray at any angle.

This spray nozzle features 180-degree swivel which attaches to tip extensions and heavy-duty extensions. In addition, it features a 7/8-inch thread size. There are no tools needed. When you adjust the nozzle it will stay in that position until you adjust it again.

The Graco extension also has a 3600PSI maximum working pressure. Use this tool whenever you need to spray from a different angle or to get into hard-to-reach areas.

4. Graco 247340 1/4-Inch Airless Hose, 50-Foot

Sometimes the hose on your paint sprayer just isn’t long enough to reach the item you need to paint. This is especially important if you need to reach second stories without a lower quality of performance.

This Graco hose measures 50-foot by ¼-inch and has a maximum working pressure of 3000 PSI. The zinc-plated spring guards are corrosion resistant for a long life.

You can use this with any Magnum or Graco Airless paint sprayer as long as your unit will support this length. Otherwise, there is also a 25-foot option available.

5. Homeright C900051.M C9000051M Small Spray Shelter

This portable, lightweight spray shelter makes it easy to position your object to be painted on a workbench. Consider using this shelter for smaller to medium-sized projects like lamps, wood crates, and other home décor accessories.

This shelter allows for an easily accessible area where items can be sprayed quickly while limiting the amount of overspray drift onto other items. If you need an area that is larger than this, it is also available in a bigger size.

When the shelter is not in use, it comes with a convenient storage bag. In addition, there is a rear air vent in the shelter to allow for maximum airflow.

6. Graco 286315 RAC 5 Reversible Switch Tip

There is a wide variety of Graco Airless Paint Sprayer parts available like this reversible switch tip. This tip includes OneSeal, which helps to prevent leaks at the tip guard.

The OneSeal also makes it easy to change the tip. You can use this on your residential and professional painting jobs.

The 315 Reverse-a-Clean V airless spray tip can be used with latex or oil-based paints. In addition, you’ll find that it works well with enamels, high-solid coatings and varnishes as well. Use this tip whenever you are in need of a .015-inch diameter and 6-inch fan pattern.

7. Graco 288818 Magnum Pro X Pump Repair Kit

If you own a Graco ProX7 or ProX9 Airless Paint Sprayer, you will find that this kit is quite handy. By repairing the pump yourself, you can easily extend the life of your sprayer. This means lower ownership costs and less downtime on your projects.

The hardened stainless steel piston rod provides for excellent corrosion control. In addition, the convenient, one-piece component allows for a replacement to be completed easily. The kit includes gear grease and an applicator brush.

The Hammer Quick Access to intake ball requires no special tools, so you will have no trouble cleaning or clearing debris.

8. Piston Pump Throat Seal Lubricant

This lubricant isn’t just for the line of Titan paint sprayer parts but can be used with all of today’s major brands. Whether you have a Wagner, Titan, Spraytech or another airless paint sprayer, this will work for you.

Using the lubricant will prevent the premature wear of rods, cylinders and upper packings in paint sprayers. By properly caring for your airless paint sprayer, you are going to have a more dependable and reliable machine.

The 4-ounce bottle will work with all major piston pumps. The high-quality performance is available at a super money saving price.

9. Wagner 0529014 iSpray Front End Kit

Offered with the highly rated Wagner paint sprayer parts is this Front End Kit. It can be used with most Wagner HVLP sprayers including the Paint READY Sprayer, Paint READY System, Control Spray Double Duty, Control Spray Plus/Max and the Flexio.

This kit allows spray for the interior or exterior of surfaces for fast coverage and overall speedy project completion. There is an adjustable flow control for a more precise spray.

In addition, there are four spray pattern settings from horizontal, vertical, narrow or wide. This unit features no wear parts for an extended life.

10. Wagner Power Products 272909 Piston Repair Kit

In the long line of Wagner Paint Sprayer accessories is this remarkable piston repair kit. This kit allows for repair on the Wagner Power Painters 220, 305 and the 315. This set includes the piston, spring and atomizer valves.

The average life of a piston and a spring will vary depending on what material you spray, but it is wise to be able to replace these parts yourself. Taking some time to tune up your sprayer will pay off in the long run.

First, it keeps the machine running like new. Secondly, the sprayer will last longer when properly maintained.

11. Airless Spray Tip Extensions

There are two extensions worth noting.

The DUSICHIN DUS-300 Extension Pole is 30-inches long with a 7/8-inch thread.

It fits most paint sprayers and has a nylon seal for a long life. It also features a 3300 PSI.

The Graco extender can spray high, low or recessed areas with ease. It will easily attach without tools to most Graco spray guns.

The tip extension is also 30-inches long with a 7/8-inch thread. It is made from aluminum for a lightweight and durable design.


Now that you see the wide variety of paint sprayer accessories on the market, the possibilities as to what can be accomplished are endless. You can use your existing paint sprayer for so many other purposes and tasks if you just have the right products to go with it.

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