How To Spray Paint Shoes With Ease (A Step By Step Guide)

I don’t know about you but I love shoes. High heels, flats, boots, trainers; I adore the lot. However, my bank balance doesn’t always support my shoe shopping habits.

However, my bank balance doesn’t always support my shoe shopping habits. But don’t worry ladies and gents; there is new craft which is becoming more and more popular that will rejuvenate your old sneakers for a fraction of the cost.

I’m going to let you all in on my little secret: spray painting shoes! By simply following my step-by-step guide to spray painting shoes, you will be the envy of your friends and your bank balance’s best friend.

How to Spray Paint Shoes

What Spray Paint To Use On Shoes?

As with any craft task, preparation is key. One of the first things to take into consideration is what kind of spray to use, and this is totally dependent on what shoe you want to revive.

Spray paint specifically designed for fabric shoes will not adhere properly to leather shoes, and vice versa. Also, some shoes, especially leather, will require more preparation, such as primer, to ensure the best coverage.

For unsure beginners, a few good products on the market which may be worth giving a go are:

How To Spray Paint Shoes With Ease

These three spray paints work on leather, vinyl and plastic so are a good all-rounder for those trying spray painting shoes for the first time.

As well as what paint to use, you need to consider whether to use a spray can or a spray gun.

Personally, I would always prefer to use a spray paint can as I feel like it is more lightweight and able to create a better coverage with a smaller surface area.

Although it is down to personal preference, I find the spray can allow you to create thin layers that you can build up to create the desired color easier for a fraction of the cost of a spray gun.

Now down to the fun part; and always remember, the brighter the better!

Step 1: Prepare

As mentioned previously, like with any task, the most important step is preparation. Start by stuffing your shoes with newspapers or rags to prevent any overspray. If you are only painting portions of the shoe, you will need to tape off areas you don’t want painting which will also prevent the paint from bleeding into other areas.

The next stage would be to prime the shoe. Some people prefer to use spray primer to prepare the shoe, others just use acetone to clean the shoe of any grease or mud stains.

If using acetone, you will need to wipe down the shoe after with warm water to ensure there is no residue left so it will not react with the spray paint. Depending on which method you decide to use, one important thing to note is to make sure the shoe is completely dry before you proceed to the next stage.

This will ensure that you don’t end up with a bobbly or streaky finish and ensure the shoe will hold it’s color for longer.

Step 2: Paint

How To Spray Paint Shoes With Ease

Now to the fun part. Unleash the color! Make sure the shoes in a well-ventilated area and on a surface that you don’t mind being covered in paint, as there will be a lot of overspray.

Start off by spraying your shoes with thin coats of paint, letting each layer dry between coat.

This will not only ensure that you achieve an even coat but will you will be able to control how light or dark you want the color to be.

One of the main pros of spray paint cans are that the endless amounts of colors available on the market. But it doesn’t necessarily have to stop with just a splurge of color.

For a bit more razzle dazzle, you can take the next step and add some glitter sparkle to your shoes. By mixing glitter with glue and pasting it on to the desired area, you can add another dimension to any shoe and have your strut sparkling down the street.

Make sure the shoes are left to dry overnight, only removing any newspaper, rags or tape when the shoe is completely dry.

Step 3: Prance

Even for a novice, you have to admit that this project is ridiculously simple. And for a small price, you are able to save yourself potentially hundreds whilst creating shoes that are completely individual to you.

So, go ahead and prance in your pumps. And you never know, this project may awaken your love for craft projects and be a stepping stone to bigger and more flamboyant reinventions.

For anyone who doesn’t believe it can be this simple to spray paint your shoes, I’m here to tell you that it most definitely is! Without sounding like too much of a cliché, with all the spray paint on the market, the possibilities are endless!

By following this simple guide on spray painting shoes, you will not only give your whole wardrobe a makeover, but you will be able to create shoes that are more personal to you than any you can buy in the shops.

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