How to Spray Paint a House With a Paint Sprayer

Many people are interested in how to spray paint a house with a paint sprayer. Some homes need a renovation, while other people may be looking to sell. New buyers will often consider the current paintwork as well as thorough home inspections before purchasing.

Painting your house with spray paint is a task that is needed to perform with great care and dedication. Because, if you don’t follow the proper guideline, you will surely make a mess of it.

The professionals are best for doing this job. But you can do the same if you have the right guideline to do so. If you are looking for a perfect line to paint your house with spray paint, just go through this article. In this article, I have tried to furnish adequate and relevant information and guideline how to spray paint a house.

How to Spray Paint a House

How to spray paint a house

Choose the rights sprayer

Before knowing how to spray paint a house you must have the correct information about various sprayers. If you want to paint a big area, you will get the best result by using a sprayer. There are 3 types of best paint sprayers to serve this purpose that you will find from the paint sprayer reviews. They are- The airless sprayer, tank sprayer and the HVLP sprayer. You can quickly learn how to operate them within minutes. The traditional sprayers are powered by compressed air and require more skill and training than others. They may also create a lot of overspray. So I would recommend avoiding this sprayer.

Different Sprayer for Different Scale Job

Most of the models give you the option to draw paints from the paint cup attached at the base of the sprayer to be used for small projects. On the large projects, you can draw the paint from the backpack tank, or you can directly draw them from the can. The pump airless sprayer’s price varies for the personal and professional models. These sprayers can bring paints from 1-gallon or 5-gallon containers to the spray gun through a long hose. It is recommended to pick a high-productivity pump sprayer rather than the hand-held models for painting house exterior. It provides faster paint, and the spray gun is lighter to hold.

Find Your Comfort

You will get the tank sprayers of battery-powered and manual pump models. These are versatile sprayers that can be used on the oil-based stain to wood decks and fences. The HVLP sprayer is another option to paint your house. It doesn’t atomize the paint; rather it use high volume air at a low pressure to propel paint on the surface. So, you have no risk of overspray or explosion.

The handheld airless sprayers are very noisy, but they are useful for amateurs as they are versatile and price efficient. The high-priced models have more features, power, control and tip options. If you use a high-powered sprayer, you can paint the entire exterior of the house.

Prepare to Paint

Before knowing how to spray paint a house, you should learn how to prepare the surface for painting. The first step of preparation should be to replace or repair any broken part of the surface. You need to sand wherever needed. If you need nails or screws for this purpose, use the non-rusting galvanized ones. Move everything that you don’t want to paint to a safe place. Or you can cover them up with a cloth or brown paper, so they don’t get any drop of paint. You can mask the house off with painter’s plastic.

Useful Tips

You should also mask the windows and doors of the house with plastic and tape. The transference of the paint from can to the house is the most time-consuming part of the painting process. Using a paint sprayer helps to save this time as it gives a direct and high-speed line from the paint-bucket to the siding. But you have to spend time for masking the house and arrange the drop cloths. When the house is entirely masked, you can start spraying.

How to spray paint house

Steps to Paint

Feel relaxed as the dirty works are already finished- cleaning, scrapping and sanding. Now to its time to learn the best part how to spray paint a house. Don’t be afraid of spray painting as you are not a professional residential painter, just follow the steps and procedures I demonstrate here and you will get your desired result. It feels great when you paint your house right. Forget about painting the whole house, rather you should think of painting one side of the house and ignore the others. Feel relaxed as the task will seem to be less difficult. You may need a 12- gauge extension cord besides a tip for the gun. You can consult with the paint store about the size of tip to use for the material you want to spray.

Painting Steps

The first thing you should keep in mind while painting is never to stop moving the gun when the trigger is pulled. Always follow the motions going while the guns on and paint is blasting out. Start your arm to move before pulling the trigger. After you release the trigger keep on moving even after you release the trigger as a follow-through. Use some broad and sweeping strokes with arms depending on the orientation of the sidings. Don’t forget to flick your wrist away from the surface during you switch the directions. You have to overlap the spray strokes by 50% to avoid any light spot. The main reason for a poor painting job is not to use enough paint, so you have to spray on a good and thick coat. You have to remember every step mentioned above if you want to learn how to spray paint a house.


Painting your house is a huge task, but if you use the perfect tools for this purpose, it will give your house a stunning look in no time. But without necessary information about the sprayer and proper knowledge about how to spray paint a house it is almost impossible to get a good result. If you do it all by yourself, you will get utmost pride and contentment that can’t be compared with anything else. I hope the information I provided in this article will lead you to learn about everything needed about how to spray paint a house.


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