Paint Zoom Handheld Electric Spray Gun Kit: Rated & Compared

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There are several brands of paint sprayers in the market today including Paint Zoom, Wagner, and Homeright and Graco. Some of these are top brands that have been making waves all across the industry.

The Paint zoom was one of the original spray gun systems and through their TV advertising became well known in households. They all come out with various exciting features but technological advances mean that the Zoom has been left behind in terms of quality.

Paint sprayers are fast becoming the most preferred choice for both small and large painting projects. Although brushes have always done the job for decades, there is a major setback when it comes to the painting of tight corners and large areas.

In this article, I focus on Paint Zoom reviews and the flaws experienced by a lot of consumers. The Wagner paint sprayers seem to take care of these flaws giving you the maximum satisfaction when spraying at home.



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Paint Zoom Spray Gun Kit Reviewed

Paint Zoom is one of the most recognized brands of paint sprayers due to its marketing campaign. When first released, their advanced spray technology made it easy for you to transform any object in your home into a beautiful looking piece.

Features Of The Paint Zoom Paint Sprayer

Simple One-Touch Operation

The Paint Zoom paint sprayer is designed with a one-touch operation. So it doesn’t matter if you are a tech geek or not, all you need do is point at the direction where you want to paint and pull the trigger.

However, it can be difficult, and at times, frustrating to assemble and use this appliance. Especially for people who are not technical.

One Coat Coverage

Having to re-coat the object you are painting 2 or more times is a waste of valuable time. The advanced spray technology on this machine offers a smooth light coverage at one go. As long as the pressure knob is properly set, you may not need to spray more than once.

3-Way Direct Dial Spray Head

One major setback with brushes just as mentioned above is the fact that they hardly reach tight corners. This problem is solved with the Paint Zoom 3-way direct dial spray head. You can now paint tight angles and corners just as fast as you’ll paint a large wall.

Light and Portable

Portability is a necessary feature for paint sprayers as there may be a need to move it from one place to the other during painting. Rather than searching for an extra pair of hands, you can move the Paint Zoom sprayer easily without interrupting your painting exercise.

What Items Can Be Painted With The Paint Zoom Paint Sprayer?

The Paint Zoom sprayer can be used to paint all surfaces, both indoors and outdoors. These surfaces include walls, brick, ceilings, paneling, stucco, concrete, wood, glass, plastics, and more.

Note that not all these objects have a plain shape. Some are irregular in shape and if you are to use a brush, you may spend the whole day.

Furniture, decks, and cabinets are touted as being easy tasks for the Zoom to paint. This can be achieved but it is not as easy as you see on the commercials.

The Good & The Bad


The first is its quick delivery. Powered by a 625-watt motor. You may need a few practice sessions to master the spraying process but once you do, you’ll see how quick it is for you to paint using this machine.

The next is its lightweight and portable nature which makes it great for spraying items around the house. You can now paint on the go easily and conveniently. No need halting the exercise just to reposition your machine.


Paint Zoom used to be one of the leaders in the spray paint industry but companies such as Wagner have set the bar a lot higher. Bad paint zoom sprayer reviews from a dissatisfied customer are all too frequent.

One huge problem is that the unit gets too hot during usage. Being an electrical appliance, it is normal for it to get hot, but it reaches dangerously high levels of heat.

Another commonly heard problem about the machine is that it is too loud. I like painting in peace so overly loud machines are not my favorite.

A lot of people complain that the Paint Zoom sprayer doesn’t work well for large areas.

One last negative to the Zoom is that getting the right volume of water needed to dilute the paint is difficult. Too much water and your paint will be too thin. Not enough water and the nozzle may get clogged.

This can be solved by experienced painters but this product is aimed at newbies so it should be easier than it is.

Alternatives To The Paint Zoom Sprayer

Just as I earlier said, you can work around some of the Paint Zoom problems highlighted by consumers. But if you insist on checking out other alternatives, consider any of the following:

They are both high-quality alternatives which sell for between $95 – $100 and $140 – $145 respectively. They both boast of the following features.

Adjustable Trigger

From the Paint Zoom reviews above, you’ll notice that the spray gun doesn’t have an adjustable trigger. Therefore it has an inability to control the expulsion of the paint.

With the adjustable trigger on this unit, you can adjust your spray width depending on the size of the object you are painting.

Variable Air Pressure Control

This is another Paint Zoom problem solved by Wagner sprayers. The variable air pressure control enables you to set the right amount of spray needed for the object you are painting. You can, therefore, paint thin materials confidently with fewer overspray issues.

Compact Lightweight Spray Gun

Although Paint Zoom features a lightweight spray gun, customers complained that it gets too hot after a few minutes of use thereby causing inconvenience. This problem is solved by Wagner as they are equally light, but do not overheat.


Now that you have gone through this Paint Zoom reviews and seen its alternatives, what is your opinion? Would you rather go for Paint Zoom and find a way around its problems?

Or you’ll go for any of its alternatives instead. Paint Zoom sells for around $80 on Amazon, Wagner 518080 goes for around $100 and Flexio 890 goes for around $140. If you’ll have no problems with cost, I’ll recommend either Wagner product.

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