Wagner Spraytech 0417005 HVLP Control Spray Stain Sprayer Reviewed

Product Name:Wagner Power Products 0417005 HVLP Control Sprayer
Wagner Spraytech 0417005 HVLP Control Spray Stain Sprayer Reviewed
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Don’t drag out your large paint sprayer for the small jobs. This Wagner 0417005 HVLP Control Sprayer is the perfect tool for the smaller tasks you have to accomplish. Setup takes less than 5 minutes and cleanup in less than 10. You’ll be done painting in a fraction of the time it would’ve taken to get out the paint rollers and brushes.

The perfect spray tip will adjust to 3 positions for maximum spray control. The powerful, integrated air turbine will give you the power you need to get the job done fast. In addition, the replaceable filters will keep particles out of the paint.

Wagner provides the Lock-n-Go technology to make material changes easy as well as quick setup and cleanup. Your sprayer will also come with a 1-quart plastic cup and viscosity cup.

At just 3.4 pounds, this sprayer is light enough to keep your hands from fatigue while working.

What is This Wagner Spray Gun Best for Painting?

Wagner 0417005 HVLP Control Sprayer Reviewed

Most homeowners and do-it-yourselfers are going to find great uses for this lightweight and handy paint sprayer. It features an outdoor rated air turbine perfect for delivering a professional fine finish on any household project.

For use outdoors, consider staining the deck or refinishing some lawn furniture. It would also work great on your deck railings, yard play sets or kids toys. Many people have also used this Wagner Control Spray gun for small craft projects as it saves time over paint brushes and rollers.

This Wagner Control Spray is ideal for light-bodied materials such as wood sealers, lacquers, urethanes, stains or varnishes. With maximum control, these thin materials will experience less overspray than with most paint guns.

Some other products that work well with the gun are waterproofing materials and enamels. If you are a property manager over just a few locations, you might find this spray gun to be helpful for you as well.

It can be used for minor touch up projects and save you time over continuously use paint brushes or rollers. In addition, you won’t have to hire a professional contractor for jobs you can handle.

This is an entry level paint sprayer ideal for a beginner. It is also a great option when the project calls for something smaller than a typical paint sprayer. The quick setup and cleanup make it the ideal choice when the task you need to complete will only take a short time.

  • Lightweight
  • Can spray a variety of substances
  • Portable
  • From a well-known brand
  • This is best for thinner materials
  • Doesn’t have as many features as some other systems in the same price range


The setup of the Wagner Control Spray couldn’t be any easier. Simply prepare your materials then insert the suction tube down into the intake opening. Properly align your suction tube. Angle it forward if you will be painting in a downward direction and backward if you will be spraying in an upward direction.

To ensure the best fit, make sure that the suction tube is inserted as far as it goes. Now you are ready to carefully screw the cup onto the spray gun assembly and tighten firmly. Start by aligning the arrow on your spray gun so it matches with the “unlock” symbol on the turbine.

Twist the spray gun into the turbine toward the “lock” symbol. You’ll find that the tab below the trigger will easily lock those two pieces into place.

Now you are ready to paint. Always test your materials and adjustments on scrap wood or a piece of cardboard before beginning your project.

Paint Flow

Wagner Power Products 0417005 HVLP Sprayer

The Wagner Control Spray is a High-volume, low-pressure (HVLP) model that offers 4 PSI at 40 CFM. It is capable of applying materials at up to 4.1 ounces per minute.

The Perfect Spray tip can adjust to 3 different positions so you can get a great finish every time.

Choose from the vertical, horizontal or round pattern depending what you need for your task.

This is a simple adjustment, you just twist the air cap to the setting you need.

The Material flow is also easily controlled with a variable trigger that allows you to spray ½-inch wide to 6-inch wide patterns depending on what your need is. This knob is conveniently located at the thumb so you can make adjustments easily as needed.

HVLP paint sprayers work as intake air enters the turbine at the back of the sprayer. Then, it gets diverted to the paint cup and the air cap. This creates pressure in the paint cup and atomizes your materials.

This, in turn, forces the material up the tube and out the air cap. HVLP sprayers offer maximum control with less overspray.

Clean Up

The cleanup of this Wagner sprayer is just as easy as the setup was. Your first step is to ensure that you are using the appropriate cleaning solution. For latex materials, use warm, soapy water. For oil-based materials, always use mineral spirits.

Start by unplugging the power cord. Loosen your container but don’t remove it yet. This relieves the pressure left over in the system. Pull the trigger and the material inside your spray nozzle will drain into the container.

Now you are ready to remove the container. Empty the materials back into the original containers. Pour a small amount of the cleaning solution into the cup. Attach the cup and plug the sprayer back in.

Spray in a safe area and gently shake the gun. Unplug the gun again and loosen the cup, but don’t remove it. Pull the trigger to release the solution back into the container.

When you are ready to clean the nozzle, push the tab below the trigger, twist and separate your spray gun from the turbine. Wipe the exterior and then unscrew the nut to remove the air cap and nozzle.

Clean all the parts with the cleaning brush and solution. Use some petroleum jelly to lubricate the O-ring and reassemble the gun.


The Wagner Control Spray paint gun is a great option for entry-level household painters or for someone that needs a smaller option than their larger paint sprayer. It is cost-effective, powerful and lightweight. You can expect a quality job done in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

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