Wagner FLEXiO 890 HVLP Paint Sprayer: Reviewed & Compared

Product Name:Wagner 0529021 Flexio 890 HVLP
Wagner FLEXiO 890 HVLP Paint Sprayer: Reviewed & Compared
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The Wagner Flexio 890 Airless Paint Sprayer is a great option when you have household projects to complete quickly. It is easy to setup, offers many adjustments for precise control and is even quick to clean up.

This paint sprayer offers an integrated storage unit for when you are not using the sprayer. This makes it convenient to transport to any location. It also comes with two spray nozzles. They have no wearable parts which mean both nozzles are going to last longer.

The adjustable spray pattern and width combined with the adjustable material flow creates seamless paint jobs that look like a professional did them.

You can adjust either of these with a simple turn or switch. With this unit, you can achieve full coverage on your project with maximum control. The Turbine is located in the X-Boost power box. This means that the majority of the weight is located on the floor, not in your hands while you are trying to spray.

Your hands won’t get tired as easily as when you use other models. When you purchase the Wagner Flexio 890 paint sprayer, you’ll also receive a 1-year warranty against any defects.

The Wagner Flexio 890 has been known to be quieter than traditional airless paint sprayers and also features an 11 1/2 –foot flexible hose.

This is a little shorter than some other hvlp sprayers, but certainly still provides enough room to accomplish many painting projects.

Wagner FLEXiO 890 Sprayer Reviewed

The Flexio 890 Paint Sprayer was designed to be used indoors or outdoors on a variety of projects. The iSpray nozzle is used to cover broad surfaced with most unthinned paints. The Detail Finish nozzle will be used on your fine finishing projects.

The majority of people find this to be a good model when painting larger surface areas. Use it on walls, garages, decks and much more.

If you are looking to paint furniture, cabinets or trim, you’ll want to be sure you are using the Detail Finish nozzle. This spray gun can spray an 8-foot x 10-foot wall in just 5 minutes when using unthinned paints.

That means you can achieve a spray of up to 8.4-gallons of materials per hour. That is far less time than it would take you to use a paintbrush or roller.

The other thing you’ll want to be careful of is to change the settings based on what you are painting. So if you are doing a larger project, you’ll need high material flow. When spraying smaller surface areas such as lattice, you’ll want to be sure you are using the low material flow settings.

The 890 can be used by professionals or beginners alike. No matter who you are, you’ll want to practice with the gun prior to use. Grab some scrap materials and get a feel for the different settings and pressures. This will help your actual project get done with a superior finish.

  • Sprays unthinned paints
  • 2 nozzles
  • Adjustable fan control
  • Comes with storage case
  • More expensive than comparable models
  • Best used for larger projects

Set Up Of The Wagner Flexio 890

Before you begin any project, be sure you’ve read the instruction booklet. Then follow these simple steps:

  • Cover anything you don’t want to be painted
  • Open the Flexio’s power box and attach the hose
  • Select the appropriate nozzle for your job
  • Unscrew the paint cup and fill it with your materials
  • Be sure the suction tube is firmly in place. Align the tube toward the front of the gun if you are painting downward and toward the back if you are painting upward
  • Use the Lock-n-Go feature to quickly attach the nozzle to the Turbine assembly
  • Set your controls properly based on what materials you are using and the surface you are painting

This is quite a simple setup in comparison to many other sprayers. You’ll be painting in no time.

Paint Flow

The Wagner Flexio 890 is an airless paint sprayer. The X-Boost Turbine is going to offer you incredible power. In addition to that, the available adjustments on the unit make it possible to cut down dramatically on overspray.

There are several settings adjustments you can make to optimize your spraying power and pattern.

  • X-Boost Power Dial – Use the lowest setting for your thinner materials and increase for thicker materials.
  • Material Flow Control – Turn this clockwise when using a thicker material. It will provide the maximum flow when turned all the way. If you turn counterclockwise, this will be used for a thinner material and slower flow.
  • Adjustment Ring – This adjusts the width and shape of the pattern. Move the air cap horizontally or vertically. The direction of the air cap horns will show you which way to spray.
  • Red Spray Width Lever –This can widen the pattern or make it more narrow.
  • Detail Nozzle Adjustment – This has three settings: horizontal, vertical or round. The round setting will be used for your small and intricate detailing work or in narrow spaces.

If you have any further questions about how to adjust the 890, be sure you review the comprehensive materials and powers setting guide provided with your sprayer.

Wagner 0529021 FLEXiO 890 Stationary...
  • PORTABLE PAINT SYSTEM: The turbine sits...
  • TWO NOZZLES INCLUDED: iSpray nozzle is...
  • ADJUSTABLE SETTINGS: Turn the X-Boost...


wagner flexio sprayer reviews

Cleanup is just as easy with the Wagner Flexio 890 as setting it up was! Make sure you unplug the sprayer before you start. Then, disconnect the spray gun from the handle. You will want to trigger the spray gun so the paint flows back into the container.

Unscrew the container and return any remaining paint back to the can. Rinse the cup completely with water until it is cleaned out.

Then, use warm, soapy water in the cup when you used latex materials and mineral spirits in the cup for oil-based materials. Attach your cup back up to the spray and plug your unit back in. Be sure you spray the cleaning agent into a bucket or other safe area.

If you want further direction on how to clean your unit, be sure you reference the cleaning section of the Owner’s Manual. Remember, it is important to clean the paint sprayer after every use so that you can prolong its life.


This is one of the top choices from Wagner and is a solid choice of spray system. It is best suited for those who need to spray a wide range of painting jobs that are not large jobs. Any household painting will be completed easily and efficiently with the Flexio 890.

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