How To Use a Paint Sprayer: Tips and Tricks

Are you still using the brush and tray to paint your new house? Is not that so much tiring to hold on the tray and rub your wall with the brush all the day along? You can choose a better alternate solution of painting your walls and how to use a paint sprayer. Using the spray painter will save your precious time while your next painting job. But you need to learn How to use a paint sprayer before that for getting the better result.

How to use a paint sprayer

You will learn the different steps of spraying the walls, furniture or cars. You will also get the knowledge of various techniques and fashions to paint your walls more aesthetically while going through this. Moreover, you will also catch the Spray Painter  Reviews that will help you to make a better decision while choosing the best for your work.


How to Use a Paint Sprayer

Steps regarding painting

Different methods, techniques, and preparations are needed to be taken while painting various parts of your residence or different furniture or whatever you are planning. It depends on several factors like the structure of the objects, materials of the objects, effects of the color on them, the durability of the color and so on. Here you will get the typical steps that should be followed while painting your wall or ceiling or room with the use of paint gun.

Choosing the color combination

The initial step of painting your wall is to select the color. This step should not be neglected, as the aesthetic look of your room completely depends upon your choice of color while painting your room. The color should be chosen in such a way so that it will be better suited to the room and the environment of the room. For example, if you are about to color your bedroom. Then you might choose light colors. The particular feature about the light colors is that it will be charming, and your place will be looked like having a full, vast space.

Color Choice

You can also choose a brighter color that will add more shining tons for bigger bedrooms. They will also add warmth and better ambiance for the rooms. You can choose monochromatic colors of varying appeals. It will also be eye-catching for your bedroom. If you are interested in giving some modern flavor, neutral colors like black and white might be better choices. Again, you might also be interested in painting the wall with two different colors. You might face if you have no previous experience of such tasking.

Color Contrast

First of all, you should choose two colors of a better combination. Any colors do not suit as a mix while painting your wall. So you should choose them wisely. For example, you can choose the same color of a different shade, one might be deep, and the other one is the light one. Again you can paint your wall with a dark color and the ceiling with a different light one. The choice of the combination is up to you. You can choose the color combination from the color bank or the color chart.

Check Internet

You will also get some better idea of choosing the best theme and color while spraying from our site’s How to use a paint sprayer section.

Again, you can search the internet for the samples of such combination. But one thing should be kept in your mind that is you should be very cautious about a better and eye soothing ratio of the different colors while painting your room with two separate colors. If this quotient is not kept properly, then the room might look very odd.

Remove the hardware staffs

After choosing the color of painting, you need to start painting. At the first step of painting, you should remove all the hardware elements like wall clocks, photo frames, fans, lights, ac, switches, holders, etc. from the wall and the ceiling before starting the painting.

Spreading the clothes on the floor

For keeping your room clean, you can open the bed sheet or some clothes or newspapers on the floor to keep it clean from the color drops. You can also wrap the furniture like sofa set, wardrobe, table, chairs, etc. with cloth or newspaper before starting the painting.Keeping Drop Clothes in the right place is one of the important tricks about How to use a paint sprayer.


Sanding the walls and the ceiling

Then you should sand the walls with gravel sandpaper that will make the wall smoother. If there are some uneven spots, you can make them even by scraping gently. You need to continue the scrapping until the bare plaster of the walls is being visualized. Sanding your wall and ceiling will help you to paint the wall as the color will be easily stuck on the wall. As a precautionary movement, you can use facial masks while scrapping which will prevent you from the dust, germs, and provide you a healthier environment.

Priming with the coating of primer

In the next step, you need to prime your walls and ceiling with a coat of primer. This step can be done with the help of roller, paint gun or the paintbrush. You should decide which one should be used. But it is recommended to avoid the paintbrush as it would add burden and kill your time as well. When the priming work is completed, you need to keep it to dry up. After drying up of the primary coating, you should make an inspection if the priming is done appropriately and evenly. You need to add the second prime to your wall if there is no adequate initial priming. For better understanding follow our comprehensive product Reviews.

How to Use a Paint Sprayer

Painting the wall or ceiling

The last part of your tasking is to paint your wall or ceiling of the room. There are different types of sprayers available in the market. Air sprayers, airless sprayers, cup sprayers, HVLP (high volume low-pressure sprayer), etc. are the example of top rated paint sprayers.

Different classes of sprayers have different unique features.Choosing the right kit is another important part of how to use a paint sprayer because It’s up to you to decide which one will be more convenient for your use. You also need to be cautious with some other factors like size of the sprayer, the size of their nozzles, and quality of the product, etc. which will lead you to a better result and present you amazing colorful surroundings. You will better know about all of these factors for the different models of the best products available in the market when you will go through our Spray gun reviews section. If you are painting for the first time using the sprayer, it might be better to start with a wider surface of the wall.

Some More Tips

You can also use water for the spray just for practice. For checking the quality of the color of the painter, you can spray on cardboard before spraying on the wall directly. You should start with a minimum pressure of the sprayer and increase the pressure rate with time. Adjusting the pressure will provide you quality spray. For stains and enamels, the pressure setting should be the minimum, for internal spraying the setting should be at the mid-level. But if you opt to spray the exterior painting, then you can keep the setting at its maximum level. You should maintain the sprayer about 12 inches away from the surface. The sprayer should be set vertically and while spraying it should keep the constant distance from the wall surface for even and uniform painting.

This is the first step of using a sprayer gun.Along with the Spray Painter and color, you will need some more items to get the proper result.

Before spraying on your desired project you should spray on some boards or similar places. It reduces the error you can make while working on the expected project. For better finishing, this technique works better.

While painting your favorite project or particle or material or object keep the sprayer away at an equal distance from that object. Because the density of color wouldn’t be same in all places over the object. So, try to keep your nozzle at an equal distance while spraying all the object.


Before starting your coloring job do a practice of making a proper projection at your own practice. Projection could be precise so that your object looks like amazing. You have to focus on each and every corner of your product so that color finishing becomes shining.

If your material is so tiny and has so much corner places then you have to make 50% overlap of your spray slots. This creates a sound finishing of the color on. The process is just like – spray a part of your product then start the second stroke from the 50% position of the last stroke and continue like that. This process won’t let you make variations in color density and give you a smooth shape end of the day.

After achieving all the techniques a silly matter becomes uncertain. When you fail to select the best paint sprayer then any technique won’t work so far. Because better sprayer creates better output using the best techniques. Ingredient quality matters. If the sprayer can’t be manufactured with good quality of ingredient then you should not expect more from this tool. You have to sacrifice in this circumstance. So, choose the best sprayer.

A smooth colored product is the result of the combination of techniques and best spray tool available in the market. Only pusher or only technique can’t make you happy with the coloring. Your particles would be a mess if it is not possible to make it done properly. So, choose the best product, do a little bit practice, hold the sprayer properly and paint with same density all over the project. After that, you won’t ask anyone how to use a paint gun.

Careful Choice

You should be very much careful to keep the sprayer vertical with the surface. If it was being sprayed with some angles or the distance from the surface is being fluctuated, it might result in un-uniform and uneven spraying. As a consequence, the appearance would look so much odd. It is frequently suggested to start with the edges of the wall while spraying. You should also work within your reach at the beginning. Then you might go for the overlapping of the prior strokes. You should trigger the spray gun at the starting of your stroke, and release before the ending of the stroke. You should move only one of your hands while stroking.

Way of Painting

For ensuring the uniform spraying, you should start your each stroking from the ending layer of the last one. It is usually assumed to be the best approach of beginning with the top edges of the wall. Then go for the middle one that will be much quicker. And then go for the below one at the last. It is also recommended to overlap the prior stroke by 50%. Your speed of moving the sprayer should be consistent with getting the best result. While utilizing all of these tips, you will surely be able to paint like a pro. You can also get the details of each and every topic while visiting our How to use a paint sprayer section. Why shouldn’t make one now?

Bottom line

Just go for one attempt with the machine and follow the tips on  How to use a paint sprayer we have shared here. No doubt, it will be more convenient for you. We know your demands and the varieties of your choices. So we have tried to discuss the different cases you might face while spraying. You can get it more helpful when you pay your visit to our site. Moreover, you will also be able to pick the best sprayer guns that will suit you the most. So better make hurry.

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